Some more show results:

FI MVA SE MVA JMV-15 EUJV-15 JV-15 PMJV-15 Surely Lightn Strikes Twice
Owners Saija Reiman-Wallden & Milla Kulmalainen
Helsinki 20.5.2017, judge Anne Tove Strande: BOS, CACIB
Salo 14.5.2017, judge Laura Cox: Best of Breed
Savitaipale 6.5.2017: Best of Opposite Sex

cheri hesa

JMV-16 EUJV-16 BENELUXJV-16 Jaskarin Rise Like A Phoenix
Owners S Harden & Krista Riihelä
Helsinki 20.5.2017, judge Anne Tove Strande: Best Male 2nd, res-CAC, res-CACIB
Imatra 15.4.2017, judge Augustin Ionescu: Best Male 3rd, CAC, res-CACIB

fredde hesa
Photo Milla Kulmalainen

Surely Because I´m Worth It
Lahti 14.5.2017, judge Catharina Hasselgren: Best of Breed, CAC

armi rop lahti 500 x 300
Photo Irma Harden


Great news from Sweden! Our Fredde, JMV-16 EUJV-16 BENELUXJV-16 Jaskarin Rise Like A Phoenix, is on show tour in Sweden and he has done great results with Saija.

In Strängnäs International Dog Show 10th of March:

In Sollentuna Terrier Speciality 5th of March:

fredde sollentuna bos2017
Fredde in Sollentuna Terrier Speciality BOS&CAC. Photo Markus Wallden.

fredde bos strängäs 2
Fredde in Strängnäs International Dog Show BOS, CACIB, CAC. Photo Ulrika Palmqvist.


Show season has been succesful this year so far, even though we still haven´t  been showing our dogs as actively as we did a couple of years ago.  But I think next year will be different, thanks to our promising youngsters who are growing up nicely. We´ll see. But, I am lucky to have excellent puppy owners who want to show their aussies in top condition 🙂 So, just to mention few quite nice results from this year:

Our Swedish import Fredde has been busy in the show rings. He also travelled with his breeder Saija  to Moscow World Dog Show and Brussels European Winner Show with excellent results. He also gained six certificates  during the summer in Finland.

JMV-16 EUJV-16 BENELUXJV-16 Jaskarin Rise Like A Phoenix ”Fredde”
Breeder Saija Reiman-Walldén, kennel Jaskarin, Sweden
Owners Satu Harden & Krista Riihelä

Fredde JWW-16 & BOS-junior in Moscow. Photo: Markus Walldén

Fredde EUJV-16 & BENELUXJV-16 in Brussels. Photo: Wilhelmiina Walldén

Mari Bomström, kennel Sirvian, had succesful summer with her Surely aussies. Thanks Mari, Ville & Venla are always in top condition!


Surely The Thunder Rolls On, aka Ville, was shown in Finland, Sweden and Norway with great results. Ville finished his champion title in Finland and also collected titles from Sweden and Norway. He is now FIN CH SE CH NO CH NORD CH. Well done!
Photo: Jorma Kotiranta


Ville was also Best of Group 3 in Oulu international dog show on July 2016.
Photo Heidi Kangas.


FI CH SE  CH Surely Bling Bling aka Venla (on the right, Ville on the left) came back from maternity leave also this summer.She travelled in to Norway with Ville and during that trip she picked up titles NORD & NO CH. Venla is owned by Mari Bomström, Heidi Kangas and Mikko Bomström. Thank you team Venla!
Photo: Heidi Kangas

Ville sister Cheri, FI CH SE CH JMV-15 EUJV-15 JV-15 PMJV-15 Surely Lightn Strikes Twice, did also well in the show rings in Finland and Sweden. She was breaking the bank on May when she was Best In Show and Best in Show Youngster in Tånga Hed Terrier Speciality in Sweden. There was over 430 terriers entered in that show. Cheri is owned by Saija Reiman-Wallden and Milla Kulmalainen. Thank you team Cheri!

Photo: Minna Kock

Cheri was also BOS in Finnish Terrier Speciality on August. She also got her final certificate and became Finnish and Swedish champion.


Other Surely aussies had great succes too during the summer. Muru, officially FI CH NO CH EE CH LT JCH LV JCH EE JCH HR JCH BALT JCH Surely Sexy And I Know It, was Best of Breed with cacib in Kotka International show on June. Because the weather was absolutely horrible during that day, I don´t have any pictures from there… Muru is owned by Mari Winqvist, kennel Pionin. I have leased Muru for breeding and she is now mated, I´ll keep my fingers crossed that we may have super interesting litter coming up on November…

Our Armi, Surely Because I´m Worth It, started her show career at the end of the summer. At Ristiina show on August she was BOS with first certificate from junior class. Looking forward to show her more on next year. She is owned by me and Irma Harden.


I know some results are still missing from this list, but I´ll try to update those later… It´s been so many years that my web page has been in lousy condition what comes to updates. With the new pages I am aiming to update these more frequently.

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